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Distinguished for its bespoke communication solutions, Cicero Business Phone Systems is the go-to partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient communication setups. Our certified experts specialize in seamless installations and comprehensive wiring services, meticulously tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Acknowledging the pivotal role of technology in business growth, we approach each project with a hands-on mindset, ensuring that every solution is intricately crafted to meet your distinct needs. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service has solidified our position as a trusted industry authority. Rely on Cicero Business Phone Systems for a dedicated team focused on advancing your business. Connect with us today and explore how we can propel your business to new heights of success.

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Committed to surpassing client expectations, Cicero Business Phone Systems provides customized solutions meticulously aligned with the unique needs of your business. Emphasizing the implementation of stringent safety protocols during installations, we ensure a secure and smooth setup for your communication systems. Our proficient project management encourages close collaboration, utilizing our expertise to deliver exceptional communication systems that drive your business towards unprecedented success. Reach out today to initiate a transformative journey toward advanced communication solutions thoughtfully crafted to elevate your business to new heights of excellence.

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A - which one do I need?

Cat 5e (Category 5e):

Cat 5e Ethernet cables are a reliable and cost-effective choice for basic networking needs. Supporting data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps with a bandwidth of 100 MHz, Cat 5e is suitable for home networks, small offices, and applications with moderate data demands. While it lacks the enhanced performance of higher categories, Cat 5e remains a practical option for everyday use, providing a balance between affordability and functionality within a standard networking environment.

Cat 6 (Category 6):

Cat 6 Ethernet cables elevate performance by supporting data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps and offering a bandwidth of 250 MHz. This makes Cat 6 ideal for larger networks, businesses, and applications that demand higher data rates, such as video streaming and large file transfers. With improved shielding to reduce crosstalk, Cat 6 ensures reliable and efficient data transmission, making it a suitable choice for those seeking enhanced network capabilities without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

Cat 6A (Category 6A):

Cat 6A represents the pinnacle of Ethernet cable performance, supporting data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps over an extended distance with a bandwidth of 500 MHz. Recognized for its advanced specifications and superior shielding, Cat 6A is the go-to choice for demanding environments, data centers, and applications requiring the highest level of performance and future-proofing. While it comes at a higher cost, Cat 6A ensures optimal performance in scenarios where network efficiency is paramount, providing a robust solution for businesses anticipating rapid technological advancements.